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Class Dojo Activities for Students to Interact With

Want to have an activity where students can send in a response to you? Click here to find out how to make an ASSIGNMENT, and students will be able to submit a picture, video, drawing, or other file to "turn in their work."

Google Voice

Set up Google Voice to make a new "classroom" phone number to use during distance learning. Click here for video information. Click here for text instructions.

Ongoing AISD Professional Development for Distance Learning

AISD has set up this link to house a list of ZOOM professional devlopment meetings. They are mostly done by teachers in the field, sharing their practices with others. Many teachers leave the ZOOM session with access to the exemplar teacher's created content and distance learning systems! The only catch: you have to check the schedule on the link to see when you can join the ZOOM meetings. It doesn't look like there are recordings available afterwards. (Also see 3/30 email from Ms. Mills)

How To Use BLEND

Need admin access to district laptop to install software?