Norman-Sims Elementary

Principal's Message

Principal Wendy MillsWelcome to Norman & Sims Elementary—where we look forward to our two school communities growing to their fullest potential academically, socially, and emotionally. Our teachers, parent specialists, community partners, district facilities staff and principal have already been hard at work planning for a smooth and successful transition!

As a joint staff, our goal will be to pride ourselves in maintaining high expectations for achievement while focusing on the individual needs of each student. Our dedicated teachers from both schools will ensure that our students benefit from engaging lessons that encourage our scholars to think critically and solve real-world problems. Every member of the school community will work to provide our students with an environment conducive to teaching and learning.

The Norman & Sims team have already outlined several key goals for the upcoming year. Since you are our partners in education, we ask that you join us in meeting these three goals:

  • All Norman & Sims students will read on or above grade level by the end of each year
  • All Norman & Sims students will maintain a 95% attendance average
  • All Norman & Sims students will conduct themselves in a safe, productive and positive manner 

To strengthen the home-school connection and encourage you to get involved in your children’s education, we ask that all Norman and Sims parents:

  • Ensure that your child is in the classroom daily by 7:45a.m. when the instructional day begins.
  • Ensure that your child completes all daily take home assignments to strengthen their skills.
  • Ensure that you stay connected with the school by reviewing all campus announcements via our many communication tools, including campus newsletters, phone messages, digital messages, school website posts and social media announcements.
  • Ensure that you attend or volunteer for as many after-school PTA events, family nights, and principal coffees as you can to support your child and to provide input and support to the campus.

It is my priority to help provide all Norman & Sims students with the best education in an effective learning environment, full of incredible experiences.

We are most excited to see all Norman and Sims families for our first joint field trip on Saturday August 4th, at 10:00 am! Meet us at either school to load the buses to Palmer Event Center for the Austin ISD Back to School Bash! All Norman and Sims students will receive a free backpack filled with school supplies! (Visit the calendar section of our website for more details.)

Let's have an amazing school year! 

Yours in partnership,

Wendy Mills

Principal, Norman & Sims