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Our New Home Opening This January!

Norman-Sims Elementary School

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Want to visit? We are excited to offer some immersive, 360-degree views of our new home at Norman-Sims Elementary this January! After you click on the link, try clicking the compas so you can tilt your cell phone to look around! If you're on a computer, just click and drag with your mouse.

Take a Look Around at Norman-Sims Elementary Right Now! (Construction Update - November 2020)

Computer Generated Previews


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Current Home At Sims Elementary

Sims Elementary School Building

Opened in 1956, Sims Elementary School (pictured above) has been our home for the last two school years.


Norman and Sims Elementary Schools were excited to join forces in the 2018-2019 school year! The Norman and Sims communities were co-located at Sims Elementary while Norman Elementary School was being modernized as part of the 2017 AISD Bond. During that time, we have become one school, one community, one family. As Norman-Sims Elementary, we are thrilled to move into the new Norman-Sims Elementary building in January.